Sunday, October 30, 2005


I've said (with a hint of irony I suppose) that I don't want a livejournal because I don't think my life is interesting. Well, to be more accurate, my life is interesting to me. Don't believe me? Very well: Tom's weekend.

On Saturday I went shopping with my mom. A pleasing affair, but mostly I needed her car to go to the mall so I could recieve my pre-paid copy of City of Villains. They didn't have Civilization 4, which I had resolved to play when I couldn't play CoV; But I should save my money anyway. That afternoon I installed the game, joined the head start, and got Messrs. Weyandt in for good measure. In between loading screens I was reading a lot of this book, which is awesome.

Sunday, Set clocks back played some more CoV. Ponder for the umpteenth time buying a new computer. Finish the book.

There you go, 48 hours gone buy...and...yeah. Well, I suppose it's not worse then what I've been reading elsewhere in journal land.


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