Saturday, February 11, 2006

Reporting from Ann Arbor-Alive.

Until my life becomes substantially more exciting I think a good balance between to much and to little chronicaling will be a post about once a week. In case of fire flood or falling in love I will certainly update sooner. Unless I don't, so be prepared for that as well.

In the preceding week I applied for five more jobs practiced two half hours of Yoga and finished four substantial novels while drinking two cups of coffee. I also volunteered for seven hours at a free clinic 30 minutes outside of Ann Arbor. I paid 40 dollars in car insurance and 300 to the usurers that hold my college loans. I currently have zero health insurance coverage.

In more positive news I think I've finally settled on a cafe to wile away my many lazy afternoons. It's called Cafe Ambrosia it's near a bookstore on a side street in the middle of downtown. It's small but cozy, cheap but tasty, has glass mugs and the New York Times. In addition, I noticed today during my second visit, it is almost exactly like Grounds For Change at Allegheny. Right down to the blue travel mugs they used to (once again?) sell. A number of threadbare comfortable couches, odd music, and student artwork on the walls. I considered asking if it was a non-profit but decided against it. In any case very convivial, I am content to sit and read and occasionally converse with acquaintances I who have also made their way there. Good times.

February is a brief and unsettling month and I look forward to it's end. Already the days grow longer and the snow wetter. Mostly I look forward to March because one month after it is March it will probably be April. And I have plans for April, happy nerdy plans that have been plotted with like minded nerdy people. I do hope they bear fruit.

As for the coming week I'll continue applying for work and reading and yogaing and volunteering as these things come all along. After one or two heavy drinking episodes I expect.


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