Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another Day Another Dollar.

Today was eventful, and it's not even half over. But first I shall cover the preceding week.

As posted below the required material for my computer's elective surgery arrived and were subsequently employed to good effect. With the replacing of my motherboard, CPU and RAM the performance of my computer has improved as follows: 200% additional sexy, 300% additional awesome and (if I've done my figures correctly) over 1000% of my daily recommended rock. Total price (including a new Power supply to keep up with the additional sexy) just shy of $400.

The other day I applied to be a substitute teacher in the Ann Arbor public schools. I thought that there might be somesort of review or selection process but the secretary at the administrative building made it seem like all I had to do was show up at orientation and I'd be allowed unfettered access to impressionable young minds. So long as I brought a current set of fingerprints.

I should also keep applying for 'real' work. If only because once the month ends I really can't in good conscience list my employment as July-current. I might get a job in the same lab my sister works at, we'll see.

Yoga this morning was slightly hampered by the 4 slices of unexpelled pepperoni pizza I enjoyed last night in a certain familiar state of altered consciousness. I was so worried about them...impeding my asanas, I also had a bowl of raisin bran this morning in the hopes of encouraging them be rid of me. No dice. It made me view the practice in a new and interesting manner. And I'm glad we didn't do any inverted poses.

Shortly afterwards I went to the library book sale, which is having it's big winter sell off this weekend. Today I purchases How Good Do We have to Be, Ethical Theory: Classical and Contemporary Readings, Lolita, My Antonia, The Best American Short stories-1998, Fifty Major philosophers, Emma, and Madame Bovary. and all for the low low price of 4 US dollars. Tomorrow is even more promising, as for that same price you are given a large, brown, paper bag which you can then fill with whatever it is that catches your eye.

Afterwards I lunched in the Cafe Felix to unwind and examine my purchases. Perhaps over this preceding week I'd built up somewhat unrealistic expectations of the place. Still whatever I hoped to find, the place came up lacking in every respect. The booth was torn and lacked certain supporting strings. The decor was pleasant but threadbare. The bathroom smelled of raspberries which I was thankful for as I unleashed my cramped and urgent burden. The service was nice but unenthusiastic, and the strawberry and banana crepe with nutella spread I selected felt burdensome to finish. The coffee tasted watery. Total price: $10 with tip, or 20 books.

Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. I look forward to reading all of it, and I fear I must restrain my time on the computer or I'll have another sore and teary eyed night from overexposure to awesome. Such is life.

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