Sunday, January 08, 2006


Yesterday managed to solve a couple niggling questions I'd had. The first was early in the evening: Playing City of Villains is very hard with an unstable connection!

The second was after I drove off to watch Firefly at a friends house: The secret to good margaritas is adding more Ceurvo!

The third and fourth were solved simultaneously at a party I went to at a different friends house. Why has he been to busy to hang out with me lately? And then, why didn't that Maggie girl ever call me back?

Yes, yes I'm afraid so. Once again I remain in a state of barely perturbed equaninamity. Ok that's a lie, but only because of mystery number five: The secret to a troublesome headache in the morning is mixing beer margaritas and whiskey. Still I'm happy to know that anyone is happy in this crazy mixed up place we call the world. And if they're two cool people I happen to know, all the better.

That's all what's new from the mystery machine. Zoiks!

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