Saturday, January 14, 2006

A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!

I find myself as one might expect with much more free time on my hands these days then I am accustomed to. Like all commodities, having more of it, I value it less. That needs to change. And so a provisional plan of how to fill up my days with more than enough crap to keep me occupied.

  1. Awake! Like a vampire but with more string music. And also in the daylight. Early daylight if possible, but I'll settle for before 10. Except on Saturdays (see below).
  2. Yoga. Perhaps not everyday at first, but this time before breakfast or a shower is ideal. Needn't be a long practice, but enough to get limber and sweaty.
  3. Food-I need it to live!
  4. Showar-I need it to live (in polite society)!
  5. Two possibilities A) On a day with pleasant weather I'll walk 20 minutes into town to continue my plan of visiting every cafe, coffee shop, and espresso machine in Ann Arbor. At the rate of one a day I should be done in ~3 years. B) With rain, snow, sleet, hail, slush, or whathaveyou putter about the house doing odd chores, cleaning or preparing something for dinner.
  6. Lunch.
  7. Read something of nominal usefulness. Books on science, or social issues, or somesuch from the realm of nonfiction. Maybe something I missed out on from avoiding so many English classes.
  8. Job searching-either from the computer at home or on foot in the city. Also graduate programs, just in case there's one that catches the eye.
  9. Dinner.
  10. Waste time! Not so long that the eyes rot from the skull but relaxation and escapism has it's place.
  11. Brush teeth, read a book fall asleep. Shoot for around 1AM, or earlier if it's a boring book.
I've started a new Yoga class that meets Saturdays at 9:15, and has so far left me feeling sweaty sore and a bit lightheaded. Of course I've signed up for the whole winter term. It's called spirited yoga and for now is more focused on the physical side of the adjective then the spiritual. I like the instructor, he reminds me of a young James for anyone who's taken a dance class at Allegheny.

I've also received a notice from a friend of mine about a research assistantship at Mass. General hospital in their Bipolar clinic. It's a bit of a switch for me but I'm going to put an application together. It would be nice to look at neuroscience from the human side of things. And also nice to work in Boston. We'll see.

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