Monday, March 27, 2006

I neglected this as I neglected most things

haaaaaaaaaaaa it's been two weeks? Two and a half? Might as well post this or that.

Still unemployed and still spending an unnerving number of hours reading, watching movies, or playing video games unshaven and wearing pajamas. Something has to change and I fear it'll be my pride. Ah well, easy come easy go.

On the upside former boss-lady wrote me a very nice letter of reference to bring to my next job interview. Sort of a, 'Hey no need to be that skittish with why I only worked 6 months at my last job' deal. I think it'll come in handy and I'm even considering applying at the university again.

See, I've been thinking about, and what it really feels like to be working full time. It's a lot like being in a romantic relationship. So much so that I can very clearly see a difference between when I was applying last summer and my current aspirations. Back then I was, for lack of a better term, virginal. Bright eyed, fresh faced and just out of college ready to be molded into the perfect laboratory functionary (or so they thought...). It was great while it lasted. God, I wish I had it back.

Now look at me, too dirty to pass for clean and not experienced enough to play the part. Is it any wonder I've run back to mother? Even so, despite it all, I remain hopeful. Feel free to bet amongst yourselfs as to when I'll swallow my pride and go back to working at Borders.

In not so uncomfortable news there'll be a small, nerdy gathering here at the homestead in less than a weeks time. Sam, John, Russ, Jordan, and Thom are the anticipated individuals and should be arriving Friday evening, nerding Saturday and departing Sunday. By way of making the experiance a fun one I'm thinking of restuarants we can make it too Saturday evening and maybe Sunday for lunch.

So of my prefered local dining establishments I've offered each 2 choices from Sushi, Thai, Middle Eastern or Indian. There are other places we could go but as I recall Meadville, these would be particuarly nice since their like is not to be found within a hundred miles of the place. The fun is in responses I've gathered:

Sam: Middle Eastern and Sushi
Thom: Not Thai
John: Is poor, but Indian twice.
Russ: ?????
Jordan: Jordan will not be eating.

So that'll take some figuring. But a chance to kick back, play some cards, smoke a bit, and go to a party should make it a very good weekend for all. With any luck.

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