Thursday, April 06, 2006

The event was foretold

This past weekend was great, a wonderful time hopefully shared more or less across the board with everyone who made it. The final tally was Sam, Lacey, Katie (Lacey's little), Thom, Russ, John, and Jordan. That other kid backed out which is probably for the best since he would have gone in the bath tub. Another John stopped by Saturday night for some anime and a contact high. Much L5R was played, much alcohol drunk, much dried plant matter smoked. Sunday afternoon I had some fine sushi, but I was hoping for tea as well. Goodness knows I'll miss them.

Also I had a suspicion which proved correct, which is always a heartening thing. Though in this case I'm also concerned about ramifications and what nots. Not much I could or would do about it though, so I'll have to hope for the best.

I alternate between hope and bitterness about not having a job and I've realized I need something to fill my time. So I've decided to finish a paper for my Neuroscience class from last year. The story is, I cleared the topic with my professor (who was also one of the readers of my Comp), found some decent papers and underlined a book then never did it. This paper mind you was worth about a third of my grade. Got an A in the course which proves I really am the opposite of Thom. Not wholly sure why I recieved this gift of a passing grade but maybe its because we both did yoga. Any who while I was content to let it go 1, 2, 11 months now, I think that I'll buckle down and actually write the thing. Mostly because I'm planning on heading back Meadville way for Senior week and it would be just hilarious to turn it in then.

I'm actually looking forward to this, which shows you just how long I've been out of school.

I'm pretty sure this Saturday is my last Yoga class, or at least I hope I didn't miss the real last class.

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