Monday, April 24, 2006


First an anecdote, from across the pond way back when in 2004. During one of my brother's trips to Spain he and some other members of his travel group went to a bar. There in the group, as was typical of the time, was your typical metrosexual male. Into this bar he went and once there he flipped up his shirt collar. Immediately after, a Spanish man punched him in the face.

"In Spain, when you do this!" he said, in Spanish, as he flipped up his own collar, "it means you want to fight!"

I would have given much to see that happen.

As for other events Job possibilities continue to swirl and as it stands I'm counting on nothing until I show up and start preparing mediums or somesuch. But even so, one of these possibilities is developing at Cornell in New York. So that's especially exciting.

In other other news, I've sworn off coffee for the time being and I have a headache.

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