Monday, April 10, 2006

So long suckers!

Leaving the internet for a few days as we've guests arriving any moment and the snaking Ethernet cord which connects my computer to the universe is an unsightly obstacle. Not a huge deal but if you never hear from me again tell Diablo 2 I love her.

In other news my parents did not great the news of my desire to emigrate as I expected. No discussion of finances, how they'd miss none of that. Immediately I mean within minutes of bringing it up my mom was on the phone with our New York relatives tracking down a place to live and possible job offers. Feel free to draw your own conclusions based on my hygiene and sleeping habits but I'd guess that while we do of course still love each other, everyone would be happier with a few hundred miles between us. Exciting times.

I've reread my old neuro notes and this time around I'll actually finish my assigned reading before I try to write a paper about it.

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