Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Clinging to life isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds

My plans to explore more of the ins and outs of Ann Arbor foundered recently when a sudden plague of microbes or Allergens or both washed over me just as obscenely humid weather descended. The predictable result was that I woke at 4 in the morning drenched in sweat, throat clenched and raw, while my bleary eyes desperately tried to close the windows and activate the AC. I managed neither but I did manage to make my way to the medicine cabinet. No small task as it's past several doors, house cats, and flight of stairs. After a cheerful breakfast of 'Tussin , IBprofin, and two different prescription allergy meds I returned to bed for roughly 18 hours.

I don't know why spring always surprises me so. I'm sure this has happened before so it's probably blooms and whatnot that did me in. On the other hand I've also been hanging out with plenty of sick people, not the fun moral sickness either. I suppose I've no problem blaming God, Man and everything in between because hey it's not like they'd care about my whinging* anyway. And sometimes a good whinges* just what you need.

So of course one day afterwards and just north of decrepit it happens that I go to Detroit for a party. This is after another 4AM wakeup mind you. And of course It aint no party like a Detroit party Cause a Detroit party dont stop. So that was last night and as opposed to most parties I attend I remember everything. Everything being a lot of music and me falling asleep on a couch or two.

Finally, in preparation for the move, I've had to start boxing up the things to be stowed away. For me this is mostly books of which I've got a few thousand. I'm not sure if anyone else collected as fervently as I did but looking back on my reading habits in those days is a bit embarrassing. So mostly I'm stowing away the mountains of paperbacks and keeping the good stuff front and center. Well. Better stuff anyway.

*Primarily British they tell me, but the I like the way those letters line up.

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