Saturday, May 06, 2006

Forsooth I return

It's been a quiet week here at chez Hennessey Filled as usual with contemplation, study and intellectual pursuits. And the occasional ninjanomics. Still in between slices of brie and the occasional snifter of brandy a few small items of note have occured here and there. A not exhaustive summery of some follow:

I gave up and gave up giving up coffee in the span of maybe 5 days. This morning actually was the first time I've made myself a cupa in a while. It was an excercise in hilarity. My folks bought this awesome grinder/brewing coffee pot which turns fresh beans into tasty drinks. So this morning I clean it carefully, add the beans and filter, and hit brew, 1-4 cups. Then, "oh crap! I forgot to add the water!" I look again. "Oh crap! I forgot to add the coffee pot!"


Then I got a haircut for reasons I'll eventually elaborate. The day before I got a post card from the group, locks of love, that I donated my pony-tail to. It said, Thomas went to great lengths to help a child. That was darling. My hair's so much more managable now. I only regret how little there is to run my hands through.

40 years from now I might find this post and let out a long bitter laugh.

I'll elaborate more now on this maybe possibly oppurtunity that I don't want to even think of counting on. It's at a neurodegenerative disease lab at Weill Medical school of Cornell in New York (City not state). I'd be a research tech in a lab studying how Huntington's disease can debilitate and destroy body's and minds. Lately I've been desperatly cramming background information about the research the lab has done so far. The reason is I've been invited to a conference where my possible future boss will be giving a presentation. It's here in Ann Arbor, on Monday. I''ve got a useful undercurrent of terror and hope motivating me now, which is a nice change of pace.

A week from now I might find this post and let out a long bitter laugh.

But for now, I'm feeling rather optimistic.


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