Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's a strange feeling

Two items, of not insignificant importance. Item the first: I have a brand new cellular phone. I'd put the number here but I don't like having that information on the internet. A conundrum yes, if you've no other means of contacting me. Poppycock says I, if I haven't mumbled something to you via sattalite then send me an email to that effect and I'll make it right. Don't have my email either? Well...leave a meaningful comment here perhaps.

Item the second, I've accepted a formal offer to work at a lab in New York City. I'm tremendously excited about the prospect and all that it entails. Now the logistics of it all still need to be worked out, and I'm hoping this will be done over the next few days. Then I've got a few weeks to scout apartments, make arrangements around these parts and then holy christ Its off to the big city. If you'd like to know more perhaps we can talk about it on my cellular phone.

My my my.

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