Friday, May 26, 2006

Possibly the last post for a while

Huh. My computer just alerted me that this evaluation copy of Windows will be expiring in an hour. I did know this would happen but it's about 60 days earlier then I expected. And of course I can't call Microsoft because they're help center's closed till Tuesday.

I'll just be furiously backing things up here then. Thanks Gates!

Edit:False alarm? The appointed hour arived and my computer suddenly shut down. But then it restarted with not a word about the warning it had delivered.

He's a wiley one Mr. Gates, I wish I knew his game.

Edit2: Ah, it will be shutting down with 1 hour notices randomly from now on. Good show old boy, I want to shit in your neck.


girlmommy said...

Are you really only 22? You're very witty! Good luck with the job in NYC!

Monstrodaumus said...

Hey tom, it's Dave. Christine says she can fix you windows issue for cheap. Hit her up for a solution!