Sunday, November 06, 2005

A closer examination of the past two days (and now today's!) headache suggests they are related to changing seasons, or allergies or something. I went over to borders and along with a hundred dollars worth of indulgence got a latte. The espresso did nothing more then make me really focused on the pain behind my eyes and Jimmy Carter's new book, 'I am a Born Again Christian, and yet am disgusted by the Southern Baptists.' Pretty neat if your interested in that type of thing.

Me I wondered if he'd talk at all about Habitat for Humanities partial disintegration. It still exists but the founder and his wife were kicked off the board? But no, everyone's still pretty quiet about that.

So today I'll probably drink some more coffee-and in this way stave off the possibility of two unique and wonderful headaches attacking me at once-finish reading Mary Roach's new
and so far pretty wonderful book, and of course play more CoV. This time, just so as not to get eternally above everyone but Thom I shall try out the dominator. He intrigues me...

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