Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nerd post

Yesterday was fairly balanced by sociability and video games. Today-the day of rest-was none of that. All nerd all the time in this house. Well and a bit of the football game, but that was a male bonding thing.

First off, in my prime time sink we have City of Villains. The game itself is fun enough but I mostly enjoy the scribbled into the margins parts of it. Like villain bases. Here's my character in one of a base of Thom's design.

Join us now, for lifestyles of the rich, and villainous.

Here we shall meet the egregiously violent King Deadly, as he surveys the latest additions to this, his manner house.

Did you note the many handicap accessible bathrooms? Yes. It is the law after all. Stepping through the foyer we leave behind the pleasures of mysterious obselisks and treasures stolen from long dead nations to enter the laboratory!

Database in order oh noble king? Oh I should hope so, I'd hate to think of that operating table gathering dust, instead of the blood and brain meats it extracts for your malevolence.

But all work and no play leads to dullness. And if there's one thing the truly evil can not abide, it is a lethargic atrocity! Join us then to see our man relaxing in the den. Is he studying some ritual to unlock Cthonic evil or Eldritch power? Perhaps he merely looks forward to an evening of chess, brandy, and unprovoked assault.

And that's all we have today, but please join us again soon for lifestyles of the rich, and villainous!

Ah fun times. The other game is Civ4! Which is also delightful in a completely different and more immersive manner. I'd be playing it right now but I want to get this post up before I faint from lack of food and sleep.

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Ebil Tom said...

Point the first - it's Manor house.

Point the second - thank you verra much!

Point the third - Jeese, you couldn't turn your resolution up a little higher in the base? It's only three rooms!