Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oh dear

For those who say I get by on (take your pick): low cunning, a privileged background, good looks, easy charm, endearing vulnerability, serendipity, or what-have-you, you are generally correct. I have achieved many difficult things in life and I didn't always work that hard for them.


I was in the closing hours of the work day called to the office of my bosses boss. There we discussed various things but the main message, and one I'd been expecting for some time, was 'wise up Tom'. The antecedent might have been at some point yesterday, which was not a fine day for science, at least in my partof it. But it seems to be part of a more worrisome ongoing trend. I still don't think I'm going to be fired-yet. But...the fact is I need to be quite a bit more attention both to my duties and how well I account for what I've accomplished. It's all well and good to do an experiment but I'll also need to show when and how it was done if I'm going to go any further with this.

I certainly think I'm capable of doing better then I've done-and I think my superior's do as well. The question might be then-why wasn't I working harder before? Yeah I don't really know. Sorry. So...regardless of what I may or may not have been doing before (hint: lots of coffee breaks) I think that I can change. You may now start betting on when my new found determination and good cheer meet their inevitable and depressing end.

In a good match of the scenery to the action the weather today went from a cold drizzle to a full fledged thunder storm, with a tornado watch for good measure. On a side note, boss lady mentioned to me that if I wanted to know what life in Germany was like, two weeks of this would not be uncommon. If I had to walk home from the bus in absolutely not waterproof shoes while the sky turned to charcoal and the sidewalks became covered in invisible puddles for more then a day at a time, well, I might want a little getaway in France as well.

But it's not all doom and gloom. We just celebrated my cousin's birthday at the homestead and little brother's is this Thursday: the cigarettes and pornography one. And onwards I go.

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