Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here goes

Ok, more time then I thought I had, so, from most recent to not: I'm off to get fitted for new eye wear. I don't particularly need it but since the vision plan was very reasonable, especially since I'd get a years worth of coverage while only paying for 6 months of it, I signed up for it in August. Perhaps the hospital just likes to throw it's money around? I hope to find a pair of contacts with an optical zoom and maybe an internal targeting system.

I don't imagine any of my hundreds (ha!) of readers follow sports, much less Michigan sports but the lab is going to a Pistons game. Everything the Lions are not, the Pistons are-including crushing all in their path and then expelling them as noxious exhaust. To make it even more exciting the coach of the opposing team is none other then Larry Brown, the self same Piston's coach of the previous two years. Grudge match. And I was looking over the ticket and it seems to say 'Row 1'. This cannot be true, but if it is holy cats. Aaaaaaaaaaand the tickets were free. Provided by a labmate's husband who's friends own a radio station. We promised to cure their diabetes if they're ever afflicted.

Speaking of surprising and humbling gifts the paper Boss Lady has been writing for the past month inexplicably lists me as the first author. In a sane world I should be somewhere in the middle, with all the other people who don't matter. It's gone through too many revisions (including a grammar check by my Mom, love love) to be a mistake so I assume this is some arcane indication of my own boss's status as rising star. And here I shall remain for a time, clinging with glee to those coattails as we make our way onwards and upwards, twirling towards to the future.

And what else....what else what else what else... Oh right. The events of last Saturday evening. It was I said, over and over, a date of sorts. But perhaps this was only so in my aspirations. The night itself was pleasant, if uneventful and I think through no ones fault the young lady and I shall find ourselves in the friends zone. Ok it might be my fault. I don't have a stomach for liquor, and it slowed me down. I was also interested in her past (a lot more eventful then mine, though that's not hard to accomplish) and musings. We share quite a bit-her pharmacological history exceeds mine in depth if not breadth-including not getting out the home very often. I think she was glad to open up. And that's about all we did, talk and drink and listen to music. I would enjoy doing it again, and if that's all it ever is, that's not so bad. Not bad at all. Her name's Maggie, if you're curious.

There is one thing I'm going to try, a test if you will: She has my number, we both seemed to have a good time, so I think I'll let her call me at her convenience. This might not be my finest thought, so let me know what you think of it.


Sam said...


Well it seems like a solid idea if your only mildly interested in her, or dont have any way to gauge her interest.

On the other hand if you feel that you actually are interested in persuing something, playing hard to get usually backfires.

Tom tom tom said...

I'm more concerned with seeming desperate. Actually I can't say how frequently I'd have to call to seem desperate, but I'll give this a week or so.