Monday, December 26, 2005

Be in the In crowd

Hoody hoo everyone. You know what? Science is hard. I'm going to need to start doing thesereadings away from comfy beds and distracting computers. Also around a lot of coffee would be great. If only there someplace, here in Ann Arbor, that catered to my needs.

Oh well.

And your special bonus for reading today: the playlist of a mix CD I put together after way to much work.

1. Russell Davies - Eat That Egg Fast (1:43)
2. Royksopp - Triumphant (4:20)
3. Vanessa John - Play In Traffic (4:54)
4. Wynonie Harris - Quiet Whiskey (2:28)
5. We're Not Really a Group - The Happy Song (0:50)
6. The Servant - Cells (4:50)
7. Tally Hall - Banana Man (4:29)
8. Jen Rathbun - Married, Buried Or Gay (3:26)
9. The Metasciences - Four-Color Love Story (2:03)
10. Jeremy Warmsley - 5 Verses (3:32)
11. KUPEK - On the other side of the world (3:04)
12. Saint Eve - No Human Words (5:29)
13. Masochist Monkey Circus - You’re An Animal (4:09)
14. Infinite Number of Sounds - The Red Human Headed Bull (5:09)

Bonus material- The Servant song was originally a classical piece by Jean Sibellius. It's beautiful but it didn't really fit so reluctantly I replaced it. I also wanted ot include for the longest time The Meltdowns - Matty Groves, but I couldn't find the proper place for it. 4/5ths of the songs and much more can be accessed by clicking a link I've previously posted.

Right now, because I care damnit, I'm trying to find a way to post the tracks for download and enjoyment. I believe the kids these days call it 'Podcasting'.

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Joe Stacey (masochist monkey circus) said...

yay!! you're playing one of my songs and i don't know you

that's a credit to the ability of the web to spread my music around.

Joe Stacey
masochist monkey circus