Sunday, December 25, 2005

Well now

I must say vis a vis that whole having-a-job thing I still feel generally optimistic. True I'll need to really stoke the brain meats for the next few weeks but I bit of exercise will do them good. And if worse comes to worse who's to say that's really the worst? I'll take it as it comes, like the Buddha would.

Also, buying 5 gifts in 1/2 an hour at 6pm Christmas eve is great fun. And because few others would be so foolish, there were no lines at all. The saddest thing though is that I'll needs buy a copy of a gift or two for myself in the next day or two.

Right I lied, the saddest thing is probably the middle of A Christmas Carol, which the family and were lucky enough to catch on the tube on this of all nights. I mean sure Dickens turns the Pathos up to 11, but by golly it feels quite proper all the same. And now I go to bed to think on a day were unlikely the casual meanness and ignorance we normally inflict upon them, children are given presents. And adults too, but the children deserve them more. Good times, truly.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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