Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ho shits Christmas!

I have purchased nothing for anyone who isn't me for this 2005 holiday season. But at least I really like the things I've bought for me. I'll probably be out Saturday night then. Or very early Sunday...

Lets seeeee I'm donating blood again soon. Normally I don't mention personal charities for arcane religious reasons but I'm mentioning this now because anyone who's eligible should try and make an appointment at their local donor center. Holidays are rough on the blood supply and South East Michigan at least is one or two pileups away from running out.

The 137 page court finding in the Dover, PA Intelligent Design case is a really neat read. If you like that kind of thing.

And now, this weeks, 'I Heard it In The Lab.'

Scientist 1: Darn, why didn't I realize these were here before, I could have been eating these for hours already.

Scientist 2: Let me look at that bowl, I have a theory I want to confer with you about. Ah, so assuming an equal distribution to begin with it would appear that you prefer the white chocolate.

Scientist 1: It does appear so, but another possibility is that I preferentially selected white chocolate so that I could enjoy more dark chocolate in the end.

Scientist 2: ah good point, if nothing else we'll need to do a duplicate study.

Scientist 1: Mmm triplicate! I'll let (scientist 3) know that she must bring in some more.

Scientist 2: I'll write the grant!

Scientist 1: *crunch crunch*

Conclusion: chocolate covered pretzels are tasty.

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