Thursday, December 15, 2005

Damn you Blog!

Well really nothing interesting has been going on around here so I suppose I should make something up. I already have a longish post ready about my own needlessly convoluted thoughts on spirituality and destiny. I'm gonna sit on that for a while though, sorry. In the meantime you can look forward to, Adventure, Danger, Suspense!

Or some such. As of today I am wholly adrift in the sea of science without my beloved and well paying boss who has seen fit to visit zee Germans for the next week. I am now responsible for two persistent mysteries, seven complicated experiments, and over 100 frozen, thinly sliced mouse brains. THE POSSIBILITIES TERRIFY ME.

Maggie hasn't called but I didn't expect her to. Finals you know.

Scott Pilgrim is awesome. I suspect Thom may be aware of it's existence even if he's not aware that he is aware. A brief snippet of dialogue:

Pilgrim: Can we go out sometime? Or, I mean, I mean...Can we maybe just hang out? Can we get to know each other? You're new in town right? I've lived here forever--I mean--I mean... There are...Reasons... For you to hang out with me?

Ramona: You're all over the place.

Pilgrim: But I'm so sincere!

Ramona: sincerely lame, maybe.

Anyway it's charming, don't judge me.

Finally I had a thought about my computer which is old and decrepit. Since it has two hardrives and two operating systems, is it not like a man with multiple personalities? One personality is stable, boring and for all intents and purposes the rightful owner of the hardware (Windows 2000).But there is another, alien, exciting, off kilter and a little immoral (Windows XP). Perhaps neither is wholly cognizant of the other. Perhaps the strange silences into which they plunge, for weeks at a time, confuse and bewilder my poor beleaguered C drive. Where did that program come from, how did all these files move from here to there, WHO IS TORMENTING ME?!?!!!!

Probably not. But one thing I do know is that it's darn near time to put the poor bastard out of it's misery. And what will come afterwards...lord only knows.

A final question: Why can't I get the cap off my bottle of white chocolate liquor? Is there even anything left inside of it? Damn you bottle!

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Anonymous said...

Scott Pilgrim is read. I wait for the next one to be released with baited breath.